Sunday, August 20, 2017

Real Estate Round-up

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Terry Story, Seller's Market

It’s a Seller’s Market for Now, But Things Could “Flip”

We are in a seller’s market now, subject to change over the next few years.  Here's a look at when things might flip over to a buyer’s market.
Terry Story, Debt to Income Ceiling

Increase In Fannie Mae’s Debt To Income Ceiling Should Make Your...

Fannie Mae raised its debt to income ceiling which might boost affordability and home purchases in this hot housing market.
Terry Story, Millennials Buying Homes

Why Are Millennials Buying Homes Rather Than Renting Them?

Recent data shows that millennials are buying homes at twice the rate than they are renting, suggesting they're finally getting into the housing market.
Terry Story, Property Tax Deduction

How Will Eliminating The Property Tax Deduction Affect You?

Terry and Steve discuss possible changes coming from the Trump administration on federal income tax deductions for property taxes.
Terry Story, Hurricane Insurance

It’s Hurricane Season Again! Do You Have The Right Insurance?

We certainly don't want you to be caught out in the storm. Make sure your home is properly insured against natural disasters.
Terry Story, Stress of Moving

The Stress Of Moving Is Keeping People At Home

Moving is so stressful that it's actually having a negative impact on the housing market. Plus tips for buyers in a tight market and more...
Terry Story, Low Housing Inventory

Low Housing Inventory Is Frustrating Would Be Buyers

Low-housing inventory is frustrating buyers and exacerbating market deadlock. Is this why rents are so high?
Terry Story, Vero Beach

Looking For A Retreat? How About Vero Beach?

Vero Beach offers a quiet respite and is relatively affordable. Also, watch out for these legal complications that can pop up with flipped homes.
Terry Story, Home sales

Home Sales And Prices Spring Forward

Terry Story digs into the numbers along with what's hot and what's not in home features and styles. Turns out man caves are so last year.
Terry Story, Return On Your Home Improvement Investment

How To Guarantee A Return On Your Home Improvement Investment

Selling your home? These home improvement projects will add the most value to your property.