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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Guest Interviews

Mohammed El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian Part I: Volatile Markets Ahead

In 2009, Mohamed El-Erian and his colleagues at PIMCO predicted economic growth would hit a slower “new normal” rate, which he cautions is coming to an end during Part I of his exclusive interview with Steve.
Mohammed El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian Part II: ETF Risks, Gold, And Market Gloom

Mohamed El-Erian addresses the risks posed by ETFs, the value of gold as a safe haven, and why investors need to be cautious now during Part II of his interview with Steve.

Real Estate Round-up

Terry Story, Home Prices

Home Prices Hitting Record Highs Once Again

Terry addresses November 2015’s rising home prices and all-time highs in select areas that are causing tight inventory and affordability issues.
Terry Story, self sufficient home

Are You Ready For The Self Sufficient Home?

Terry gives an in-depth look at the self sufficient home. For example, your washer could automatically place an order for detergent when it's low.